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March 03, 2019


Minnesota police called for welfare check on man that turns out to be cutout of MyPillow CEO

(Thanks to EricY, Dave N., pharmaross and Al Barkafski)


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Too bad it wasn't the real thing. That guy is a major annoyance. Oh, and fair warning: a friend said she bought two pillows from his company and has been bombarded since with approximately 500 EMAILS urging her to buy more products.

One can only hope that cutout was actually being used as a voodoo effigy. I know every time one of his commercials comes on the TV, I could add another pin to that cutout "doll."

Lindell should be executed for this caricature.

Le Petomane needs to back off and catch up on some sleep. Put those pins down, man.

*Hands Le Petomane some more pins* I can't stand him or his commercials either.

A lot of people here cut out for the Winter.

They were right to check on the cutout's welfare. It wasn't warshed in days.

Hey - cutouts need love too

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