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March 05, 2019


If you are single and looking for a cool new way to meet people, Samsung has just the thing. The electronics company recently launched Refrigerdating, a service that matches you with dates based on what is inside your fridge.

(Thanks to Death Row Doc)


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What if the person's entire refrigerator is filled with beer?

Asking for a friend.

My buddy says He met his current wife at Aldi's and they have much more in common than He and his first wife whom He met at Dairy Queen. Whew.

Day old pizza.
1/2 can bean dip.
6 pack Guinness.

Ladies, call me...

I have a case of Bud Light and a day old pineapple pizza in my fridge, but women never call me.

That is the DUMBEST thing I've heard this week so far.

I have the finest selection of frozen TV dinners anywhere.

@MOTW--Hang in there and don't despair, it's only Tuesday.

Hammond Rye

I am in need of lots o carbs!

@Hammond Rye - Have you learned nothing from the Blog? Ketchup doesn't belong in the refrigerator!

"I'd love to show you the inside of my fridge. Call me."
— Jeffrey Dahmer

Being a rich health nut, Could you send some nude photographs of the watercress?

So my date Friday might depend on whether the lightbulb in the fridge really turns off when the door is closed?

I'd call it "Regurgidating."

What if you've already been married to moldy bread ?

@Clankie - you try the curdled milk.

Plenty of good food in my fridge, but then I'm happily married!

On a tangentially related topic, why do people thrust out of date milk jugs under other people's noses and say, "smell this. I think it's gone bad?"

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