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March 08, 2019


A woman who was "dressed like a nun" and her husband were arrested Monday in Arizona on suspicion of trafficking nearly 10 pounds of fentanyl, officials said.

(Thanks to John Lobert)


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Nuns on the run?

Dude has got some righteous whiskers.

During Lent?

The Runway Model disguise was a close second.

I wonder what the catholic penance is for impersonating a nun and smuggling drugs? BTW, fentanyl is a very dangerous and often deadly drug.

I've never seen any nuns dressed like that. Most of them do not wear blue shirts under their habits. He looks like someone who has attached a tiny wig to their chin. Not a good look.

Twisted Sister

My aunt-in-law was a nun. She didn’t dress at all like that.

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