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March 11, 2019


'Oh, my God, something bit me': Scorpion stings student on Toronto to Calgary flight

(Thanks to Ann)


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Australia leisurely looks on with it's horde of antivenom, supply enough for Tuesday, while Canadians drop like flies.

PA announcement: Good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen. The captain has turned on the scorpion sign. You are now free to freak out about the cabin.

That certainly explains this:


An Australian on the flight tried to calm the lady with some humor.
"Ma'am, that's just a baby scorpion that'll only give you a friendly nip. In the Outback we have REAL scorpions like the one here in my briefcase."

The situation deteriorated from this point.

If the scorpion did actually *BITE* her, THAT would be Australia!

Doing their best to move out of the neighbo(u)rhood.

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