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March 21, 2019


State Employees Confused By New ‘Riot’ Button In Elevators At Sacramento Building

(Thanks to Allen at Division)


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"Go ahead, try it. last time I pressed DOWN I was met by S.W.A.T."

I want one for my car. And motorcycle.

Few men have ever seen a button they wouldn't push. a big red button on an empty wall gets pushed quicker than most. In psychological testing, women were least likely to push a button. Men most always will push it just to see what happens.
And women have a longer lifespan.

Let me guess that it's designed to do absolutely nothing, like the "close door" button. It's just there to make you feel better from pushing it.

Maybe it's an instruction button.

Le Petomane what you're saying is probably true but I would so want to push this button just to see what it does.

Just another Spellcheck fail, no doubt.

Soon to be followed by toggle switch marked "Left - Right".

Maybe it's supposed to quiet the elevator music...

Now why would the California tax agency need a riot button? Hmm, think, think....

I would push it in a heartbeat.

Reminds me of my favorite joke:

An Amish family visits the big city for the first time. The Amish father and his son are standing inside a building in front of the elevator doors. A little old lady approaches, pushes the elevator button, the door opens, and she walks inside. The elevator doors close, only to reopen a couple of minutes later, when a young gorgeous woman emerges.

The Amish man turns to his son and exclaims, "Go fetch your mother!"

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