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March 26, 2019


Kodak says a new beer hitting the market can be used to develop its Super 8 movie film.

(Thanks to Rod Nunley)


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Axe has been able to develop film for years.

So, let me get this straight- when I'm done developing my film, I can now just tip up the developer trays and swig away? Does this still have to be done in a darkroom? Does this include the chemicals for the finisher step? So many questions with so few answers!

"The beer, made with pear, mango, berries, kiwi, quinoa and salt, is set for national distribution next month"

Um, that's not beer. Just sayin'.

I'd rather go to some nice bar, drink a Samuel Adams beer and see what develops.

quinoa?? Get a rope.

MOTW--At least they didn't use lentils.

Le Petomane - or gluten-free kale.

I prefer my kale with the silent "a."

With a delightful Dektol aftertaste.

Geezer photos to everyone who knows what Dektol was...
It took me nearly a decade to get those stains out of my fingertips.

Crud, NOW they come out with this stuff? Where was it when I shot film?

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