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March 20, 2019


A Texas homeowner saw a 'few' rattlesnakes and called for help. The removal company found 45 of them

(Thanks to pharmaross, Rod Nunley and Kevin Smith)


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The snakes all demanded to be repatriated to Australia.

Robbin, probably anywhere but Sweetwater. The big rattlesnake roundup is coming soon.

"We do this all the time," said the snake removal service.

They must be real fun at dinner parties.

Really odd to hear George Thorogood hangin' out under there.

Do you suppose when they were done the homeowner said "FANGS A lot !". Probably not.

LeDud, If it had been me it would have been the EX-homeowner.

So with the snakes gone, what's going to eat the rats and the spiders ?

The only sane solution to this is to burn the house down.

Clankie is right about the rodent problems the snakes stopped.
When we had the ranch there was a huge bull snake that loved laying across the bottom of the front door. Julius Squeezer, as we called him, was harmless and even friendly. He also saved us the need of a doorbell. Loud screaming meant we had a visitor.

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