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March 21, 2019


A Florida man has been arrested after he allegedly shoved a woman when she wouldn't let him in the house to eat egg rolls.

(Thanks to pharmaross)


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No charges were brought for the punch in the face the woman received when the man asked for a glass of water. He tried to Helpee Selfee before landing the alleged punch.

Leave the gun. Take the egg rolls.

If Florida Man had brought soy sauce like he was supposed to do, this incident could have been avoided.

$500 would buy a lot of egg rolls.

Did he know her or was he just ringing doorbells at random, or did he follow the Chinese food delivery guy's car?

Sloppy reporting.

If there are six of you, then you get egg roll.

Authorities described it as an act of wonton brutality....

No body leaves Florida Mans Egg Rolls in the corner.
(With apologizes to Dirty Dancing)

Leggo my eggo roll ? OK DeathRow Doc's is much better.

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