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March 17, 2019


An Oklahoma woman was arrested after authorities say she used a T-shirt gun to launch drugs, cellphones and other contraband over a prison fence.

(Thanks to pharmaross)


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Overheard at the Public Defender's lunch table:

"You take her, I had the last exceptionally low I.Q. person and my mentally incompetent line of bullsh!t strategy made the judge laugh."

People throwing cellphones over prison fences is fairly common. Years ago my family sold some of our Georgia property to the state. It's now the site of Hancock State Prison. My cousin and I would go on the weekends and pick up cellphones and other things that didn't quite make it over the fence. No drugs but some nice t-shirts and a few iPhones.


I though those guns required background checks since the Maude Flanders incident back in 2000.

Am I the only geezer who had to Google "T-Shirt Gun"?

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