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March 04, 2019


The #CheeseChallenge is the new craze and oddly it involves adults and older children throwing slices of cheese at babies' faces.

(Thanks to John Lobert)


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Hey, we got a lot of cheese and cheese-flavored processed substances to sell up here, and we can't wait around for you people to EAT it.
p.s. Cheese also makes a wonderful odor remover for your refrigerator. Just place cheese slices on an open plate in the back of your refrigerator! Remember to freshen your cheese deodorizer daily.

Also: The State of Wisconsin, Governor Tony Evers, and the Wisconsin Dairy Board do not endorse or recommend the throwing of random cheese products on the faces of living persons and animals. But we're ok with it.

Almost seems fair considering the various projectiles babies aim at adults' faces.

Why can't they just smoke dope and listen to Pink Floyd, like we did?

Mental health workers will get a lot of counseling hours trying to get adolescents and young adults from going into a panic at the sight of a cheeseburger.

@ Le Petomane -
(30 years from now) -
"Dad, can I have a grilled cheese sandwich?"
[Dad's eyes widen as his muscles freeze in sheer terror...]
"Dad? Dad?!"

No, no, no! You don't throw a piece of cheese at the kid. You open his mouth and try to hit it with the spray from the Cheez Whiz can.

Am I expected to add something to this thread?

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