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March 25, 2019


Seagull imitators face off in Belgian championship

The video is pretty great.

(Thanks to Ralph)


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And scroll down to the next story on the page. About the snake. And the car. In Australia.

Seagull Imitators WBAGNFA Flock of Seagulls cover band.

and just what are we to make of the hanging banana?

After that, I got nothing!

Buoys and gulls were made fore each other.
And remeber, one good tern deserves another

Seagulls! (Stop it now!)

Is the guy with the microphone wearing a yellow paper "beak" on his forehead?

In this country one would have to visit a biker bar next to a bowling alley in Flathead County to find entertainment of such class.

Waiting fore the "diving for Fritos on the pavement" event. Lotta skinned up beaks.

I was waiting for one of the competitors to steal a sandwich from someone's hand.

Le Petomane

ONLY if they poop as well as caw. IYKWIM

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