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March 16, 2019


A Guy Is Traveling On The Subway With A Giant Structural Steel Beam

(Thanks to Ralph)


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Just try to get an Uber while transporting a steel beam. Quickest way to a one star rating ever

Um, why? Unless he was using it as defense against muggers or to crush rats, I don't get it.

Dude, Superman is known as The Man of Steel. If you think you've been in trouble before, you really don't want to infringe on a copyright.

His "comfort" steel beam no doubt.

@Mikey - it helps to suppress his thumb-sucking habit.

You have to beam yourself up when the transporter is down.

Maybe he's just gathering pieces to construct a building. Like the episode of M*A*S*H where Radar was shipping a Jeep home one piece at a time.

Do you think Scotty ever had to beam up a beam?

I think Scotty beamed up some Jim Beam.

I suspect that beam is aluminum, not steel. Steel would be about 25 lbs./ft., and two ordinary guys could not carry it unless they were superhuman.

But maybe — aliens on the subway!

Thus ended his lifetime goal of being a champion of the balance beam...

"Is that a Giant Structural Steel Beam in your pocket, or are you just happy to see me?

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