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February 28, 2019


U.S. plush toilet paper use wiping out Canada's forests, flushing away the future: report

(Thanks to Barry Nester)


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There is definitely a joke about Klingons and Uranus in here somewhere.

What a crappy thing to do to a forest.

When I click on the link to the story I am presented with this message blocking me and preventing me from reading the story.

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My mom and dad grew up during the Depression, and they lived on farms. Many times, my dad said, "I had to use corncobs and, if I was lucky, I got the Sears catalogue. And this was outdoors, by the way!" And I'd nod and say, "Yep. Now would you please close the door?"

So, where do they get "virgin fibre pulp?" From homely trees?

'Alternative fibers' .. so, yeah, if we bring back the Sears catalogue, will that save them from going down the toilet of bankruptcy?

@ MOTW- My grandparents preferred the Montgomery Ward catalog and they also stocked the outhouse with copies of The Grit newspaper. Corncobs were reserved for emergencies. We were saving the planet back then and never knew it.

Sounds like another use for industrial hemp

So trade regulators will have nothing to go on soon?

Monkey Wards catalogues were better than Sears for most outhouse applications . . .Sears used glossier paper. Not a good idea if you are needing some absorbency

I blame vegans, a vegetable diet requires more toilet paper than a balanced one.

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