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February 13, 2019


Just make sure you observe the dress code.

(Thanks to Jim Kenaston)


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Sure looks appropriate for the Broom Corn Festival

I saw someone wearing this outfit on the train today. The bird sound was surprisingly soothing compared to the delay announcements.

They don't look like birds to me. Just dodos.

Kaah! Kaah!

Birds in the bush should be left in the bush.

The dancers gradually move into the city where the water throwing continues and the sake consumption begins.
I have a feeling the sake consumption begins long before they move into the city.

"It’s believed that the festival brings prosperity."

It began in the 1600s; you would think they'd know by now.

This is not nearly as posh as our Walking Dead Zombie parties.

I'm guessing that someone named Broomhilda serves as the MC for this thing. In any event, I'm just itching to attend one of these festivals.

Cool Hat. Do you have it in a 7 1/8?

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