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February 10, 2019


Please don’t tattoo your under eyes

(Thanks to funny man)


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Too late for Lydia (Lydia, the Tattooed Lady).

Also, a grammatical correction is needed:
If it sound too good to be true that’s probably because it apparently is.

"..that’s probably because it apparently is." Well, perhaps allegedly in theory.

MOTW - "soundS"

History will end when every incredibly nutty thing imaginable has been tried... that is, probably tomorrow.

Word's out. Having Fun Size tattooed on your dangler does little for under-eye circles either.

‘In any case any attempt at removal would need to be carried out by a highly skilled medical professional.'

Wait, bags under the eyes can safely be removed by a highly skilled medical professional? Who knew?

And tattooing the eyeball is still safe, right?

I suppose eye-rings will be the next thing. We need robot overlords.

Thanks for the note. I will try to resist

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