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February 27, 2019


Couple stranded in Bahamas as ship leaves without them when they were 45 minutes late

(Thanks to John Lobert)


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Oh the horror... What could be worse this Winter than being stranded in the Bahamas ?

Clankie - stranded in Miami.

Sorry, no sympathy. I've been on dozens of cruises and the one ironclad rule is that you'd better be back on board on time.

Ever hear an exasperated mother 'threaten' her kids that if they don't get in line, she's going to leave them?

This is what happens when those desensitized kids grow up.

I would recommend some 'Bahama-Mamas' for the couple.

The Lost Art of Proofreading:

Couple *strategy* in Bahamas as ship leaves without them when they were 45 minutes late.

@wanderer2575 - completely agree.

On one occasion we missed a ship when our flight to Venice was late. We had to make our own way to the next stop - Koper, Slovenia. Two buses, a long “milk run” train ride and a taxi. Also a cold night in the rail yard outside the train station in Trieste, with some “interesting” (but harmless) companions. And then an argument with Security, and our room carpet just soaked for cleaning when we got on.

Not a recommended experience.

Too bad for them. That's what happens when you're late.

What's the big deal? Only 45 minutes late? The ship couldn't wait? It isn't like they were on a lifesaving mission, f'Chrissakes, So they get to the next tropical paradise a few minutes behind schedule. After all, why shouldn't 5,000 people wait an hour or so for two dolts to find the boat again?

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