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February 12, 2019


Houston family overcharged $1,600 for pizza

(Thanks to funny man)


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"The pizza chain said wrong payment amounts were charged Friday due to an error."
An error they are working hard to compose at this time in a large committee meeting in Las Vegas.

"Would you like to add a 2-litre of soda for only $198.99?"

Maybe I'm a pizza snob - OK, no maybe about it - but the original $20 order was $20 too much, as far as I'm concerned.

Dominoes would like to apologize and make it clear the $1,600 included a delivery charge to Mars, a destination that has been canceled due to unforeseen problems.

The pizza was $20.00. The other $1580.00 was for the tip. Duh.

If this had happened at Chucky Cheese's a blow by blow much more detailed video account would have surfaced.

Always pay cash and get a receipt. Gangsters love to have your card info on file, and these things just happen....repeatedly.

I ordered 20 pizzas in two batches on Saturday— the credit card machines in the store were down, with online only for anything but cash


Anybody else wondering why Not My Usual Alias ordered 20 pizzas?

@nursecindy - seems pretty obvious - he was hungry.

Bible Quiz afterglow -- if you thought the Japanese bird festival had strange outfits, wait to you see us!

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