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February 12, 2019


Pot-smoking tipster finds overweight female tiger in abandoned Houston home

(Thanks to Stan Ruth, Woozy Barnes, pharmaross, elseabs and funny man)


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"Sir, just stay on the line so we can send you a..... tiger tamer. Tiger midwife. Yeah, just sit there and you and the pregnant tiger stay there until they get there. Just be a minute."

A source speaking on condition of anonymity said the house was owned by Eeny-Meany, Miny-Moe.

Pot-Smoking Tipsters was the rejected first name of the Beastie Boys. I kind of liked it.

"overweight female tiger". Society is so judgmental on a female's weight.

You should be more worried about the overweight female cougars...

Poor kitty.

"Whatsa matter, never heard of a cat house before?" --When police called animal control for additional backup

Was it overweight before the would-be pot smokers got in? Has any one counted them?

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