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February 21, 2019


Florida man records battle between alligator, python

Not all that far from this blog's residence. Not nearly far enough.

(Thanks to pharmaross)


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The Everglades the minors for Australia

I'd say as long as the gators are the winners, it's okay. When the Burmese pythons become the winner is when it'd be time to move.

Maybe a backyard alligator would be a good idea to keep the pythons at bay.

I would suggest that having one indoors would be better, but I have heard that getting alligators housebroken is a long, arduous process.

Were there bets made? Was it streamed live? And who won?

Asking for a network...

Soon to be an Olympic sport.

While relocating to SW Florida, I stayed at a hotel in downtown Naples. I picked up the local paper and noted a front page article about a 10-foot Burmese Python that was captured the night before on the sidewalk 2-blocks from my hotel. That was enough to curtail my evening walks.

A month ago, a new record was set by a trapper who took down an 18-footer in the Everglades. They now put tracking collars on the males, which then leads to the females. The females can lay over 200 eggs at a time. Not too many small mammals are left in the Glades. They are cross-breeding with other pythons that are cold hardy and moving north. Yikes!

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