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February 07, 2019


Bees can solve math problems with addition and subtraction now

(Thanks to EricY)


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They are also excellent spellers.

But the bees performed significantly better than chance would predict, selecting the correct answer around 65 percent of the time.

Big deal. It's still a D in most public schools. Even Alexa can do better than that.

But--they can still make honey better than anyone!

Not as astonishing as that gnu math.

They're also excellent at bee-ometry.

Bees have many talents. They gave us Johnny Bee Goode and a poet who gave us, "If you have a bee in your hand, what do you have in your eye? Beauty, because beauty is in the eye of the bee-holder.

Snork *and a groan* @ LePet.

Snork at Stixnstonz and Le Petomane.

I gotta give them credit. I don't think I'd pass that test.

I thought math was only true in fairy tales
Meant for someone else, but not for bees
Math was out to get me
That's the way it seemed
Adding & factoring haunted all my dreams

Then I saw her face - now I'm a beeliever
Not a trace of doubt in my mind
I can add and I'm a beeliever
I couldn't leave her if I tried


The Monty Python bee song. I suppose a half-bee is better at division and fractions...

Just don't mess with irrational bees.

But, can they paint fine art like chimps and elephants?

"What's going on in there? What are you eating?"

"Nothing, honey!"

Call me when they can do differential Calculus. Now that would be impressive!

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