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February 18, 2019


Los Angeles City Council’s president suggests to deploy ‘army of cats’ to deal with rat situation

Coincidentally, we once saw Army of Cats open for Rat Situation.

(Thanks to pharmaross)

Related: Researchers Create ‘Rat Cyborgs’ That People Control With Their Minds

(Thanks to Jay Brandes)


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It was all well and good until they had to deploy the army of moose to eat the cats.

Cats don't eat politicians.

Unless they're also serving a nice Chianti and have some velvet pillows for my comfort, I'm not interested.

Have you ever tasted rat?

Can we find some cats big enough to exterminate the rats on the LA city council?

Just pass a law making it illegal to eat rat, problem solved.

Willard sits on a throne in an underground lair smiling upon his army of cyborg rats.

"Bring it on LA he shouts."

Then he sighs and waits for the rat batteries to recharge.

I try to picture this. Let me see...

CA politicians displaying yet another example of their never-ending litany of goofy ideas to solve our nation's social problems. Hey, money for nothin' and chicks for free, state motto.

Next, the dogs to worry the cats, and then the cows with the crumpled horns to toss the dogs...

Seriously, does the LA Council realize it's acting out "The House That Jack Built"?

We’re gonna need a bigger litter box.

What could possibly go wrong?

Did "Army of Cats" later change their name to "Pussy Riot"?

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