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February 10, 2019


Woman resorts to baseball bat after beef patty not available

(Thanks to EricY, Jeff Meyerson and pharmaross)


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She fled and police were still searching for her on Saturday

Psst! Look for the trail of broken windows and general destruction.

Note: Fox reports that the woman was pregnant. Her lawyer had better not use hormones as a defense.

I can't believe that it has been over three weeks and no one has come forward with her identity yet. But then, maybe it was the baseball bat and her willingness to use it. Hey, she was pregnant and she needed that meat pattie NOW!

Stay off her lawn.

That woman needs anger management. The restaurant had plenty of curry goat and oxtail, she could have been flexible.

This headline writer dreamed of this day (from the Houston Chronicle):
Brouhaha In Bronx Brings Bat Over Beef

Where ISN'T the beef !!

♪ I bust the windows out ya shop
Caus ya outta my frozen beef chopped
I'll probably always have these emotional scars
But Jamacian food and a drink not at any bars

I bust the windows out ya shop
You try to stop me and my bat hits you *plop*
I didn't wanna stop my burn
But you upset me and had to learn! ♪

Might we suggest dining at a certain pizza establishment instead?

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