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February 04, 2019


Puma Debuts $330 iPhone-Connected Self-Lacing Sneakers to Compete With Nike

(Thanks to Kevin Smith, who says "Next breakthrough: iPhone-connected jockstrap!")


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A perfect gift for millenials who are always on their smartphones, but can't tie their own shoelaces.

"You will NOT be on my shue..."

Yeah, but can the phone UNTIE your shoes ?

Because we're not all lazy enough.

I blame TV remote controls.

Ten-year-old hackers will be in their glory when they get some victim's shoes to tie its own laces together.

And the Devolution continues.

I heard it also makes glitter come out of your butt...

Unlace the pod bay doors, Hal.

I'm Sorry Dave. I can't do that. I am only programmed for Velcro(TM).

I wonder what happens when you step in a puddle?

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