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February 23, 2019


Nike’s self-lacing sneakers turn into bricks after faulty firmware update

(Thanks to Ralph)



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[robotvoice]Your jacket is now dry-rotted.[/robotvoice]

Was the operating system written by Microsoft?

Thankfully, Zion Williamson did not have this option on his Nike's.

First World problems.

That app is crap.

(Sorry but it had to be said.)

"My left shoe won't even reboot."


This software is written by the same people who will be programming your self-driving cars. Good luck.

'If the firmware update fails and you can't lace up your shoes anymore, they are kind of useless as shoes.'

Well, you are kind of stupid for spending $350 on shoes that, by design, you can't lace up yourself.

Self-lacing footwear could be useful for people with disabilities, but otherwise at that price it makes about as much sense as an electric fork.

I certainly hope they are going to collect them all and build a house for some homeless person.

So if your self-lacing boots fail to work properly, do you have to re-sneaker them?

Asking for a friend...

Nothing says "Nike Air" like a pair of sneakers that turned into a brick.

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