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February 16, 2019


An octogenarian tackled a burglar who attempted to steal his model railway collection and sat on him with his wife until police arrived to make an arrest, a court heard

(Thanks to Rod Nunley)


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Mrs. Headington, "He's got a butter knife and a brick."

Mr. Headington, "I can take him."

I can believe it. Model railroads are for the older gents what Bingo is for the older ladies -- do not mess with either of them. Good for them.

Not to be a downer on the blog, but I suspect we won't be seeing much of Liam Neeson in the movies anymore.

Never cross someone with 8 arms.

I am waiting until my kids are old enough to not break my trains before so bring them out again. My gues is it will be 15 more years when our youngest is 35

When you think about it, kind of a "Barnes & Nobile-ity" story, right?

Um, sorry Dave, but Liam Neeson probably won't be in any movies any more after The Incident. How about Keanu Reeves?

An additional 4 months in prison for "owning a butternife."

What to Brits usually spread whatever they put on their crumpets with then?

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