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February 21, 2019


Nail salon defends risqué name, claims customers like it

(Thanks to Al Barkafski)


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And yet no one complained about Steve Jobs...

In a related feel good story of the day, Pho Keene Hand Job in the news.

Down the road in Bonita Springs, Florida, we have the fishing store:

"Master Bait and Tackle"

I wonder if it is self serve at check-out?

I remember the Good Old Days when lending someone a hand
didn't cost anything.

Makes me wonder what the off-menu special is...hmmm...

Gives a new meaning to "You're in good hands" (the old insurance company's slogan)

A further investigation should be done to determine if any glad handing is occurring on the premises.

I wonder if I could get a five finger discount here?

The complaining neighbors should get a grip!

I used to think "hand me downs" were a bad thing. Time to revisit the subject.

No doubt run by Mrs. Palm and her five beautiful daughters.

All these calloused comments are rubbing people the wrong way.

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