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February 06, 2019


An email to this blog from Peter Metrinko states:

The Speaker of the House in Virginia has suddenly been thrust into the limelight because of scandals involving the governor, lieutenant governor and attorney general of Virginia. It is speculated he might become the governor because of the succession law.  Anyway, the Speaker's name is Kirk Cox. I discovered that when he was first elected to the Virginia House he defeated John Dicks.

Unfortunately, this blog's strict policy prohibits us from passing this email along to you readers.

Also: "Thrust" heh heh heh.


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At least only one these three blokes may end up in the custody of penile authorities.

It's the bottom of the third political quarter and the score is Cox 6 and Dicks 3.

Dicks is being accused of having deflated balls and Cox is accused of illegal thrusting.
Stay tuned to the exciting conclusion being brought to you by the makers of K-Y jelly.

Soon to be a reality series called "The Real Wackos of the Virginia Legislature"?

It promises enough racism, sexism and double entendres to embarrass anyone, except maybe TV producers.

Virginia: Our politicians are even worse than Florida's!

Did you see this cover?

So people liked Cox better than Dicks? Who knew?

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