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February 04, 2019


This crypto exchange can't repay the $190 million to customers because the CEO died with the only password

(Thanks to Allen at Division)


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A time for psychics.

This is becoming more of a problem as Boomers have started dropping like flies. Not just for cryptocurrency, but for just about anything on people's accounts.

1d10t is also a popular default

manual t., I'd go with admineh.

This is why I store my life savings in copper pennies.


Pfffft. This is no big deal. I recently cracked my dad's computer password because he'd changed it and immediately forgot what it was. I bought a program that allows you to bypass passwords and then reset them. I guess you could use that program for evil but he just wanted to see his ancestry.com stuff that he'd been working on for years. I think he traced our family back to a couple of guys who worked at Stone Henge. They basically stood around and told the others the stones would never stand up.

If not that, Dave, try '1234567'.

Snork @ nursecindy

password: IC@nTakeItWithME


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