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February 13, 2019


Son sets mother’s home ablaze allegedly over Cheez-Its


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And somebody sent the story to Dave. I wonder why?

No, No. you light the bag of poop - not the porch.

This part is believable:
"They use real cheese."
"No, they don't."
"Yuh huh" - - "Nuh uh"
"Yuh huh" - - "Nuh uh"

This part is not:
"It is SO real cheese! I'm gonna lock you and Mom inside and burn the house down to prove it."

Calling Mr. Editor Person: we've got a missing comma.

Good one MOTW.

" It’s unclear what charges he is facing. "

Snacking and entering

True story: Driving my two kids and one other child to a Track practice. I hear the other child ask my son, "Do you like Jesus?" My son said "No, not really. Sorry." I thought I was going to swerve my car. What the heck? Who doesn't like Jesus, in general? My daughter then pops in: "It's true, he doesn't really like them. But he doesn't like many chips."

That's when I realized the question had been, "Do you like Cheez-Its?"

♪ It's a snackin' affair, it's a snackin' affair
It's a cheddar affair, it's a cheddar affair
One child grows up to be
Somebody that just loves Cheetos
And another child grows up to be
a Cheez-its freak who loves to burn
Mom loves the both of them
You see it's in the blood
Both kids were good to Mom
until she took the snacks away

It's a snackin' affair, it's a snackin affair ♪

He wanted Cheez-It Hot and Spicy

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