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February 25, 2019


McDonald’s customer flies into rage over apple pie not being ready, gets arrested

(Thanks to Kevin Smith and pharmaross)


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Her head would have popped clean off if a frog had been found in a quickly bagged apple pie.

Good thing she didn't order the Filet o' Fish -- those take even longer.

I was surprised to see it was a woman and not Jason Biggs.

A similar incident over a loaf of bread was the catalyst for the collapse of the Roman Empire.

We're doomed.....but there's still time to order the large fries.

She sounds like good fast-food management material.

A five-minute wait, and she wanted it free? The chef wishes to inform you, Ma'am, that fine cuisine takes time to prepare!

She should've gone to BK where -- 'Special Orders Don't Upset Us'

She should've gone to BK where -- 'Special Orders Don't Upset Us'

manual - one wonders .. she would have probably expressed frustration and dismay that the frog did not turn into a handsome prince when she kissed it.

We she by any chance the same woman who smashed the restaurant window because her Jamaican meat patty wasn't ready?

Just a matter of time. She'd still be yelling after the first bite seared the roof of her mouth. The advantage - less intelligible.

I submitted the first story directly under the first paragraph and picture - McDonald's customer tries to pay with a potato chip bag and a sock. My warning to the blog names we are not making fun was obviously taken into careful consideration because He did not post the story. I have been Toredown over it for the past three days.

I went to my local McDonald's the other night and almost witnessed an @ss whipping there. However it was a man that had been waiting 30 mins. for a Quarter Pounder. He thanked them profusely when they finally handed it to him and asked them if they were sure they didn't want him to wait a little longer. A woman standing next to me said she'd been there 25 mins. waiting on a Big Mac. When people from the drive thru started coming through the doors because their orders were all wrong I left and went elsewhere.
This woman would have blown the place up.

I remember being a teenager and driving up to the order box at Jack n the Box drive through with two friends. They were also teenagers and this was around 1926. So, my friend, I will call him Edwin because his real name was Edwin, but sometimes we called him "maggot' ordered stating to the box in his best southern drawl, "I wanna cheeseburger with only lettuce." We weren't from the south, but when you are named maggot sometimes the word cheeseburger sounds southern-like. So my other friend, he looked a lot like Cat Stevens but we called him "John' says to the order taking Jack, "Caw, Caw, Caw, you know like a crow. So maggot goes, "Hey man, STFU can't you see I'm trying to order dinner here."

That's all. It was funny at the time and still is when I think about it and have never forgot it. Maggot was showing a car he bought and planned to sell and said, "Man, I shined the wheels, that jacks the price." To this day Cat Stevens and I still say to one another just like Maggot did, "man, I shined the wheels, that jacks the price." Even if we are talking about women we say to one another, "man I shined the wheels, that jacks the price."

So, if I was to say to the blog, "Man, I shined the wheels, that jacks the price," you will understand we are discussing women.

I call bs on this whole story. A cherry pie maybe, but apple? No way!

If having to wait for the “food” meant not having to pay for it, then the Drive Thru would be the most money losingest proposition in history.

I’m glad I was born when I was. I don’t believe I could ever be self entitled enough to be a Millennial.

He's lucky it was "not ready," I still have burn scars in my mouth from the last time I ate one of those McDonald's nuclear apple pie hot pockets. I think it was 1982.

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