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February 21, 2019


Exploding turkey burger is subject of lawsuit filed against Aldi in Allegheny County

(Thanks to pharmaross)


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Exploding Turkey Burger opened for Smashing Pumpkins.

I believe exploding turkey bombs are banned under the Geneva Convention.

obligatory "As God is my witness .."

5* Snork@ MOTW. We might as well add, "Oh. the humanity!" and fulfill this obligatory thread.

Mixing hot oil and ice is not a good idea, even if the instructions are not specific.

To conclude MOTW's comment:

"...I thought turkey burgers could fry!"

Maybe she used a tad too much gunpowder to season....

I remember a story from a few years back about British Airways testing the windscreen's ability to deflect a bird hit while in flight. This was on some of their brand new Boeing jet liners.

They took frozen chickens and fired them with an air cannon at the wind screens. Needless to say, the birds destroyed the wind screens and caused lots of damage in the cockpits of their brand new planes.

The befuddled engineers conducting the testing contacted Boeing about this, described what they were doing and why and asked if Boeing had any suggestions for them?

Boeing's response was, "First, thaw the chickens.."

ETB opened for Meatloaf

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