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February 13, 2019


A pair of holidaymakers got more than they bargained for when they witnessed an Indonesian volcano erupt in the shape of a giant penis.

(Thanks to John Lobert and pharmaross)


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"I was just completely in awe," said a tourist from Georgia, adding "Not that there's anything wrong with that."

"Dear, did you feel the earth move, too?"

So they merely bargained for a volcanic eruption? Not what I would have bargained for.

THATS what she said.

Would you prefer to see a giant penis erupt in the shape of a volcano?

"I'm so hot for you. I'm on fire for you..."

quietly boards the Geezer Bus

It was just getting its rocks, um, launched.

And why is a Georgia boy speaking in that weird Brit syntax?

Call me naive, but I think it looks like Cookie Monster.

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