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February 25, 2019


A man is being sued by a Chinese airline after throwing coins into the engine for “good luck”.

(Thanks to pharmaross)


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I told someone that tossing guitar picks into the wash was to appease the appropriate deity so a musician would get another gig

Same basic idea, except some guy now faces a heresy tribunal

Does he also throw chickens into fountains?

People used to throw virgins into a volcano to appease the gods. Then they realized a good point this guy missed: "What the heck am I doing?"

Uncouth vulgarity. You do NOT tip with coins.

And yes, Uncouth Vulgarity opened for Billy Idol.

This has happened before in China. The last article I read involved a grandmother who threw coins into the engine of a plane for good luck. It is time to ban coins; ban everyone from flying. As a species we have devolved to a new level of stupid.

Tipping the air safety god way too early.

Obviously the coins should have been in a 3-1-1 quart baggie. Three coins in the baggie, which one will the engine chooose?

I can think of a few politicians who need to learn about this custom.

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