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February 16, 2019


A couple from Benedict is accused of consistent urination at I-80 rest areas in York County which resulted in the damage of public property.

(Thanks to Hayseen Tom, who says “I was expecting a livestream.”)


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What a pisser.

"Consistent Urination" played the 2018 convention of the American Urological Association

Was ranked at the bottom of all my English classes. But methinks the writer meant "constant" rather than "consistent" urination. A related story would be what were they drinking.

Wasn't there a story about a Consistent Urination Sufferers Convention with the header, "The guests came dribbling in?"

Much like being forced to watch a Match Game marathon, I suppose.

...accompanied by a woman who was "wearing a brown coat that looks similar to those issued by the women’s penitentiary."

Quite an observation.

Plus, can you imagine this pair's planning sessions?

Consistent Urination opened for Butthole Surfers, of course.

Everybody should have a hobby.

Peeing your name in the snow is one of the last bastions of masculinity in these United States. Just sayin'

Without reading the article, I'm confused by the headline. So if urinating at the rest stop is bad, then where should we urinate? Behind the Mile Marker signs?

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