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February 12, 2019


A Teen Mistakenly Read His Girlfriend's Thermometer As A Pregnancy Test

(Thanks to Ralph)


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100? She's having a litter!

True story. I taught chemistry lab for nurse students and during one a student raised her hand and said her thermometer wasn't working. Thinking to myself, "A mercury thermometer really doesn't have many moving parts to fail", I went over to her station to take a look. I drew a calming breath, and with all of my acting skill maintained a straight face as I said, "Let's try putting the end with the mercury in the beaker and see what happens."

Allen at Division--Another fun diversion when teaching new hospital hires about the use of mercury thermometers was telling them the triangular glass tip on some thermometers was to make them easier to take out of their mouth.

Come sweet Darwin...if not SMOD.

I'm more concerned that he's participating in procreation activities.

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