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February 23, 2019


Canadians Allege That Tim Hortons Employees Are Pre-Rolling Their Roll Up The Rim Cups

(Thanks to The Perts)


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I expect an amendment to the Canadian constitution is forthcoming.

Where are the Mounties when you really need them?

On my drive down the AlCan Highway last year, the only place I actually saw an RCMP was at a Tim Horton's eating donuts. I couldn't see his name tag, but I'm sure it was Sgt. Preston. Wonder Dog King was not available for comment.

This is sad. A always thought of Tim Horton's as Canada's rather polite response to Starbucks.

Hmm. If I'd expected to see roll-ups at any coffee shop, it would be Gloria Jeans.

Oh, the humanity!

Coffee rimming? Isn't that like mild porn? Shame on you, Tim Hortons!

Should be easy enough to check --- were the big winners last year Timmie's employees or relatives of Timmie's employees or girl/boy friends of Timmie's employees -- etc etc. Where's investigative journalism when you really need it?

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