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February 27, 2019


Two people arrested after fight over crab legs

Not Florida, but close: Alabama.

(Thanks to Rod Nunley, Michael Moyer and Not My Usual Alias)


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I beginning to think we need a background check for food.

Chinese buffets are a close second to Chuck E Cheeses and bingo halls for brawls, especially where crab legs are concerned. The one near me put up a sign that the crab legs are no longer all-you-can-eat, and I think they almost had to call out the National Guard.

That sounds like a Saturday night at our local Golden Corral.

I'd fight a guy for one of those little pieces of Chinese cake.

A most interesting experience was in an all you can eat buffet. People were waiting for another platter of crab legs. When the waiter placed a full plate in the buffet a couple of thugs wearing wife-beater shirts and covered with tattoos just picked up the entire platter of crab legs and took it to their table.
Entertainment that would do Chuck E. Cheese proud ensued.

Crab fights often occur when someone doesn't butter up someone else.

I suspect the Gulf Stream and other currents have been pushing the Florida influence up the coast, mostly in the form of rapidly abandoned leaky bales of white powdery substances.

I wasn't anywhere near the place.

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