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February 05, 2019


"My biggest concern is getting eaten," Mr Roberts said.

But crocodiles aren't the only hazards lurking in floodwaters.

"Before you start playing in floodwaters you should always remember the distinct possibility you could be wading in your neighbour's faeces," Queensland Police tweeted. "Yes. Their faeces."

This has been The News From Australia.

(Thanks to Charles Cates and Nigel Grout)


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While fear of crocodiles and losing everything to floods or looters is top of his mind right now...
So let me get this straight. There are deadly crocs and snakes in the water plus neighbor's faeces, yet there are still idiots there who are willing to brave all this just to break into someone's home for a new TV or computer? They deserve whatever they get.

Ever since Steve Irwin's death by stingray stabbings...Australia has been off my list.

And Dave continues to show this is a *wise* move.

nursecindy - years ago when we needed our home to be treated for termites, the treatment guy told us a few stories about the houses that had Formosan termites. The home needs to tented. They put up signs and lights, and still have to have someone spend the night watching the house for looters .. because there have been cases where idiots will lift up the tent, walk into the home, and attempt to walk out with a TV or computer, only to have their body found the next day after they fell down dead with the loot in their arms.

Not to mention the palm trees that keep getting thrown overboard.

Oh great. Another country where they can't spell crap.

While feareth of crocodiles and losing ev'rything to flotes 'r loot'rs is top of his mind even but now, th're's eke ang'r building about the decision to ope the gates at the swollen ross riv'r dameth.

In your faeces! In your faeces!

Dictionary Definition of a Rock and a Hard Place: Getting eaten by crocodiles, or wading up to your waist in a giant toilet. (I'm still deciding.)

And *snork* at Nick, and what is all this crap about no movie tonight?

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