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February 21, 2019


'Fake plane ride challenge' has people staging fake in-flight photos with toilet seats

(Thanks to Greg Snow)


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If you’re itching to impress your social media followers

Which apparently doesn't take much.

I'd like to use this forum to launch my "Lunar Challenge". You take a picture of your @$$ and make your friends think it's a full moon.

In the old days, we'd just use Photoshop and that was that!

Whippersnappers! Selfie Addicts!

(Can someone lead me back to the Geezer Bus?)

“The Supreme Court has been at the forefront of the march for gender equality. But it has never suggested that men and women are identical, or that the law cannot recognize their inherent differences,” he wrote.

Because you need to see to appreciate the differences, right?

I haven't read the article and I don't think I will. But why ?????

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