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February 03, 2019


May the best team win. Unless it's the Patriots.


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I won't tell Mrs. wanderer you said that. She's a University of Michigan alumnus and so of course thinks any dictionary's definition of "savior" should include a picture of Tom Brady. These U-M alums are so insecure.

I myself will be spending the afternoon in more intellectual pursuits, such as watching Hogan's Heroes episodes on DVD. They really are underrated.

I'd rather see the Puppy Bowl.

Wha? Is that a high flow Canadian bowl?

I thought that was last year? Is this some sort of recurring thingie?

I think any local businesses from the greater New Orleans area who bought ad time on this fiasco are kicking themselves right about now. Ain't hardly NOBODY watching this travesty in our neck of the swamp!

How exactly does one get chronic traumatic encephalopathy playing this? CTE. Short for Wham-O.

Not gonna watch. I understand there are bars in the Big Easy that are replaying the 2010 Super Bowl instead.

Will there be bad officiating...?

Whether or not you like the Pats. you have admit Tom Brady has a hell of a record — he's played for almost 20 years, has five SuperBowls Wins, is playing in his ninth, etc etc...

But he still gets paid half as much as his wife for standing around in her underwear.

Tom Brady’s reputation is overinflated - which is the opposite of his footballs.

I was hoping we could draft Brady to be President, not because of politics but so another team can win

I watched Air Disasters repeats reinforcing my commitment to stay at least ten miles from any airport.

Well the Patriots did win and I did see the kitten bowl so cute

blech. Dudes a cheater. NFL shoulda Pete Rose'd him. stead they let him play and "win" more games.

wanderer just reminded me that he's wolverine. double blech.

I didn't watch.

Sadly, the best team did win and it was as expected.

Best comment:

"Those two teams played like they knew that whoever won would have to go to the White House."

My team didn't lose--they weren't playing.

@Allen: Detroit Lions extended their perfect record of no Super Bowl losses!

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