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February 18, 2019


Guard alligator ‘El Chompo’ protected drugs for Pennsylvania dealers, prosecutors say


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At least the criminals were literate.

That subplot is straight out of Janet Evanovich's _Sizzling Sixteen (A Stephanie Plum Novel)_ where the guard alligator was named "Mr. Jingles".

Had I read this story earlier I wouldn't have wasted 3K on a decorative iron security gated fence being installed in front of my front door this saturday. Kicks self for not thinking and also for not having an alligator.

Just try to get past the Master Gator.

Reptiles are not included in the definitions of "game" or "wildlife" under Pennsylvania law., so alligator possession is legal there. Seizure of the gator without a warrant is not.

@Ralph - and “Unwarranted Gator Seizure“ WBAGNFARB.

“Quite frankly, as far as we can tell with these drug dealers, the alligator may have been the brains of the operation,”

Makes you feel for the sad state of America's drug traffickers.

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