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February 05, 2019


They were defrosting leopard seal poo...you won't believe what happened next!

(Thanks to Allen at Division and pharmaross)


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Amazing! Who knew Leopard seals have USB ports... And take digital pictures, too!

This was all happening when they discovered something large and hard

Great teaser for the Cage movie. Or for sealion porn!

If the research is so important why have the samples been in the freezer for over a year?

Didn't Scat Collectors back up Ella Fitzgerald?

Metadata tells crappy tales

Boy, I sure hope that none of those researchers got a midnight craving for ice cream, and grabbed this container...

So this USB stick survived a trip through a seal's digestive system, a year in a freezer, a defrosting, rinsing, and it still worked?!
Call the boys in Marketing. And Timex thought THEY were tough...

They identified the owner and the follow-up story is even more bizarre! https://www.iflscience.com/plants-and-animals/the-owner-of-the-usb-discovered-in-seal-poop-has-been-found-and-the-story-is-wild/

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