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February 27, 2019


Firefighters rescue fat rat stuck in sewer grate

(Thanks to John Hayden, Eric Y and wiredog)


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Two questions:
Isn't "phat Rat" the name of a Rap star?
What was so grate about the sewer?

Fat rat's stuck in the sewer grate
Goin' to squeak all night long
Goin' to squeak all day long
Do-dah, do-dah, squeakin' all the live-long day
I bet my money on the bobtail cat
Nobody bet on the rat.

Oh. I first thought it was a story about a politician.

“Even animals that are hated by many deserve respect,” he said.

Including elected officials?

A bath, a shave, a delousing and a ticker tape parade later, ratty returns to the sewer and pens a heartfelt thank-you note to the mayor.

Performance art — rodent style...

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