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February 05, 2019


The magnetic north pole is on the move

(Thanks to The Perts)


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Now arriving at Gate 8 .. Gate 9 .. Gate 10 ..

The Magnetic Pole is moving toward Russia!

"Mister President, we cannot allow a Magnetic Pole gap."

(joining with MOTW in using great movie quotes).

Probably wanted to see the farting troll, Guy Friendly.

Earth's north magnetic pole is wandering about 34 miles (55 kilometres) a year

Should feel right at home when it hits the Los Angeles freeways.

Does this explain why my GPS keeps telling me to drive into the ocean?

If it's a magnetic north stripper pole, perhaps its facility got shut down by the law, and it needs to find another gentleman's club.

The North Magnetic Pole has finally escaped from the clutches of Canada!

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