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February 28, 2019


Effective immediately, please send all email to this blog at [email protected]

Failure to comply will be considered a failure of compliance.


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My day gig is in compliance. Trust me. You really don't want to be in failure of compliance since the new weaponized drone rules came out.

Wait. ALL e-mail? I hope you like corresponding with Nigerian finance ministers.

Is no truth to rumor that previous funny Amerikan Dave Barry (ha-ha!) blog e-mail was hacked by filthy Russians. In first place, we don't find Amerikan humor to be funny - what is so funny about toilet flushing anyway? What is so funny about Chuck E. the Cheese? Is not funny. That is why we give you Yakov Smirnoff. Go ahead - send e-mail to new address. See if we care.

P.s. - We see your internet activity. You are filthy, too.

Failure of compliance will lead to Judi firings, so be nice!

I look a lot younger on gmail.

As long as there is no sanity clause.

Geezers ho!

So you're leaving the Herald?

Change is hard.

It occurs to me I never have liked demics – academics, epidemics, and covid-19 ain't the only pandemic – there's the cyberdemic, going viral for quite some time – been known to suck people's brains right out their head, in extreme cases replacing it with a solid mass called blockhead, also associated with peanuts. When's the CDC going to deal with that? We're engulfed in a polidemic, infected people unable to think so they practice thinking by thinking about politics and sometimes this builds up and spews out and we all have to hear it, about the Republican'ts and the Demic-rats and this is how it spreads, no mask can stop it; and it's horrible, aiggh, the horror. There's the policedemic spreading slowly and insidiously among the masses masquerading as an antidote to crime, wealth the only truly effective vaccine. If we must have a pandemic, give me a frying pandemic and some good old breaded shiners. Or some frying pandemonium. That's all I need. I suggest some new demics – how about a fundemic just for a start – why can't we ever get one of those? WelI, I suppose if we ever did, they'd get that under control right quick.

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