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February 28, 2019


Effective immediately, please send all email to this blog at davebarryblog@gmail.com

Failure to comply will be considered a failure of compliance.


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My day gig is in compliance. Trust me. You really don't want to be in failure of compliance since the new weaponized drone rules came out.

Wait. ALL e-mail? I hope you like corresponding with Nigerian finance ministers.

Is no truth to rumor that previous funny Amerikan Dave Barry (ha-ha!) blog e-mail was hacked by filthy Russians. In first place, we don't find Amerikan humor to be funny - what is so funny about toilet flushing anyway? What is so funny about Chuck E. the Cheese? Is not funny. That is why we give you Yakov Smirnoff. Go ahead - send e-mail to new address. See if we care.

P.s. - We see your internet activity. You are filthy, too.

Failure of compliance will lead to Judi firings, so be nice!

I look a lot younger on gmail.

As long as there is no sanity clause.

Geezers ho!

So you're leaving the Herald?

Change is hard.

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