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February 27, 2019


Effective immediately, please use this address for email to this blog: [email protected]. Thanks.


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Okie dokie Dave. Have a great day.

Strange. I just got this message:

"We're sorry. Your comment could not be completed as submitted. Please check to be sure that you're using the new e-mail address, and that your comment is actually amusing in some way. Even vaguely. Like, at least a notch above a fart joke."

Dave's not here, man.

Dave reads e-mail? Oh wait, I bet judi runs the account and prints them off for him.

"I'm sorry Dave, but I can't do that."

I think Judi should be fired, just in case.

Duly noted.

Dave has a blog?

Ok, but be warned the 'enhancement' offers will likely persist regardless.

@MT, I assumed Dave has had enough of that Nigerian barrister and this is his way out.

Dave will still have to check at the Post Office most days for a package waiting there for him for some some time.

Strange...I got an animated paper clip asking if I needed to seek professional help (climbs back on geezer bus).

grabby lad over

Ever try to order a replacement small stylus for a Kindle from Amazon? They don't carry any. Do I need a new tablet because the rubber tip wore out?
I inquired but the foreign dude has no clue what I am talking about.
Ok, if you twist that, get help.

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