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February 09, 2019


Instead of forking over the money, the couple defended themselves. Nelson took control of the machete and his wife chased the suspects with her granddaughter's scooter and used it to hit one of the men, the report said.

(Thanks to John Gregg)


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"Me and my husband held them down, you know, commence to beating them...," then went to celebrate at Chuck E. Cheese.

And everybody's sayin' that there's nobody meaner
Than a Texas Granny, drivin' a scoota'.
Go, Granny. Go Granny Go Granny go!

"It was either us or them, you know, and not us."

Send Granny to Washington.

"Citizen's Arrest!"

Le Pet, I believe Jan and Dean now own the Geezer Bus concession.

Geez. Perps are mid-thirties and decide they're gonna put on clown masks and rob people with a machete.. Seriously? I hope they rot in Galveston.

Bravo to the quick thinking non-victims for providing the beat-down. I wonder how long the cops took to get there and maybe stood by and watched.

Agree with Jeff they ought to be sent to Washington!

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