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February 07, 2019


An apparent spat over “a few bags of chips” may have sparked a machete confrontation and threats to cut buttocks, an arrest affidavit states.

(Thanks to pharmaross)


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I saw Machete Confrontation open for Metallica.

Heckuva show.


If the deputy had found his Eggo stash, this wouln't have ended well.

It was not entirely clear how a hospital bed could even be on a couch.

Maybe it was... tired? I never let my hospital beds sleep on my bed...because sheets, you know....

He was obviously missing "a few bags of chips."

That's what 24-hour convenience stores are for.

But hiding them under the pillow? That's just crazy...

Forget the Eggos Le Petomane. You'll get my Pop Tart stash when you take it from my cold, buttless body.

we just had an unrelated machete attack in louisiana. maybe we can make machete fighting an SEC sport.

Nut Cuts Butt. Need to stick it back on?

I suppose this is better that an a$$ licking that city manager would have done.

Maybe the alleged victim egged the perp on, telling him to either fish or cut buttocks.

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