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February 12, 2019


She was riding the back of a small motorcycle. And, while a man drives, she can be seen shaving her legs.

(Thanks to pharmaross)

Reminds this blog of another story from a few years ago.


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A shave/ That's real/ Cuts and scrapes to heal/ No velvet feel/ No Burma-Shave.

Surprisingly attractive lady. Normally these types of stories (especially the ones with guys)involve more massive people.

There was a great "Florida Man" panel at the St. Petersburg Bouchercon and Tim Dorsey retold the "shaving her bikini area" story, among others.

Gillette. The best a man can get.

Carl Hiaasen used a lady shaving her bikini area while driving in the book, Razor Girl. I think I need to read that one again, great fun.

The aristocrats!

Time management?


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