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February 12, 2019


Students complained to officers that she approached them last week in two campus buildings, the Cook Library and Center for the Arts, showing them a picture on her cell phone and asking if they were interested in dating her son.

(Thanks to ImNotDave)


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Mom's a Halocopter.

She should just put him on a plane and give him a cocktail napkin.


Could be worse


How did I reach my monthly limit of articles when I have NEVER accessed this site before?

* I got the same message, Jeff.

Us moms are funny people. We'll spend a couple of years talking up our sons hoping they'll find a good woman and when they finally do, we spend the rest of our lives talking about how she isn't good enough for them.
btw, if you can't access the article, Dave's description pretty much sums up the entire thing.

I worked in mental hospitals long enough to start with asking the basics, like does this woman even have a son? There are more people who live out where the buses don't run than many people suspect.

My mom found me my first job, really good and well paid. In a telephone company office. I never even thought about applying there, but she new someone working there and applied for me. So I was hired even without an interview because she recommended me.

Perhaps she wants to get him to move out of her basement so she can make it into a Mom cave.

Throw in a steak dinner with no FURTHER obligations and I'm in!

In the next Bachelor... It’s Mom’s Intervene Week!

My mother did this at the western Massachusetrs golf course where my little brother had a summer job in the kitchen. He transferred to Stetson that fall and never came back.

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